Weight Management Programme

Whether it’s improving your health, self-esteem or confidence our weight loss treatment will help to manage, encourage and support you throughout the 12 weeks.


Weight gain can happen to many people which can lead to lost of confidence. Most of us would like to lose our excess weight quickly, but by losing weigh gradually (1-2lbs per week) you are more likely to keep the weigh off. Having even a small (5-10 percent body weight) weightloss can improve your health, such as blood pressure, blood sugars, energy, cholesterol and improve your confidence.

At Strathearn Health & Beauty it’s about lifestyle changes not diets, our doctors and staff understand this. With over 17 years experience in weight loss we have many patients who have been successful in losing weight. Our clinic offers one to one private consultations to all our patients for weight loss, no need to worry about getting weighed in front of a crowd.

Medical checks including Urine, Cholesterol, BMI and Blood Pressure are carried out before starting medical weigh loss treatment.

Weight and health Checks can be carried out at any one of our clinics. prescriptions and medications are only available at our Glasgow clinic by appointment.

Once you have achieved your healthy weight, we encourage all our patients to attend the clinic regularly each to check their weigh for FREE.

Weight Management Program at Strathearn Clinics
  • Up to 2lbs or more per week
  • One to one consultation
  • Helps curb appetite
  • Fully qualified doctors
  • 12 week treatment
  • calorie controlled programme
  • Support during your treatment

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