Skin Photo-Rejuvenation Treatment for Face, Neck and Hands

Skin Photo-Rejuvenation treatment for anyone that wants their skin to look younger, fresher and keep the ageing signs to a minimum.

There are various facial rejuvenation treatments available, most have disadvantages of both discomfort and downtime, with the Duetto Photo-Rejuvenation treatment is ideal for skin rejuvenation, wide range of skin issues including sun damage, with minimum downtime.

As with ablative skin treatments such as peels or various dermabrasions even laser skin resurfacing which gives results through removing the outer layer of skin, the epidermis. Such treatments can produce very effective results, but normally involve discomfort for the patient and an element of downtime after each treatment, can also be very expensive. The Duetto MT Photo-Rejuvenation, also known as subsurface resurfacing or laser toning is a non-ablative treatment that is becoming more popular, due to the fact that the skin requires little or no healing time after each treatment, whereby clients can return to their daily life after each treatment.

Rejuvenation Treatment at Strathearn Clinics
Photo-Rejuvenation Treatment at Strathearn Clinics

Skin Photo-Rejuvenation works by bypassing the surface of the skin and treating the layers underneath, known as the papillary dermis.  This enables the skin to regenerate, responding quite naturally in the same way as it would repairing a wound.

Photo-Rejuvenation treatment using the Duetto twin laser, uses more advance and effective techniques, such as Alexandrite 755 nanometer laser combined with long and short pulse. Nd:Yag 1064 nanometer laser,The lasers can also be used in combination.

During the consultation a health questionnaire will be completed with the relevant health checks.  Clients are required to have a patch test before any treatment can be carried out, the first treatment is normally carried out 7 days after the patch test.

How many treatments are necessary?

Each treatment is carried out 2-3 weeks apart, 6 treatments is recommended for best results. More treatments may be required depending on the clients skin and expectations. Some clients even after one treatment feel the difference of a more smoother looking skin.

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