Hair Removal

Ditch The Wax - Ditch The Razor - Go For Laser

Safe and effective hair removal at Strathearn Glasgow clinic using ‘Mixed Technology’ Gold standard Twin Laser, at affordable prices.  

Waxing, plucking, hair removal creams or home products, can remove hair but only on a temporary basis. With the advances of laser hair removal it has become a more reliable, safer and affordable way in removing body hair. At Strathearn clinic Glasgow we use two Gold Standard lasers in one machine for superior hair removal results on most skin types, Alexandrite (the best laser for lighter skins) and Nd:YAG laser (the safest laser for darker skins). Clinically proven and used within NHS the Duetto MT that can actually mix the two lasers together, pushing the boundaries of laser hair removal and offering better results than ever before.

  • Exceptional hair removal results on dark and light skin
  • Works on most hair colours
  • Faster results
  • No need for messy gels

Proven results that can be seen in as few as four treatments, with recent trials showing a permanent reduction of up to 57% from a single treatment. How many treatments you may require will depend on your hair growth, some patients have seen excellent results after just 1-2 treatments. Each treatment can take 10 minutes to 90 minutes depending on size of area, you can have laser hair removal in your lunch hour.

How often do I receive the treatment?

Once every 4-6 weeks.

How many treatments are necessary?

This depends on the client, minimum of 6 is recommended. We have clients that see results after just one treatment.

Laser Hair Removal at Strathearn Clinics
Laser Hair Removal at Strathearn Clinics

The unique combination helps our laser overcome problems other clinics may suffer when looking to treat light coloured hairs.  Strathearn Health & Beauty clinic are proud to say what machine they use,  as our patients tell us that they get better and faster results with the Duetto MT.  We encourage everyone before getting laser hair removal to look up our machine and see for themselves the technology and results. All laser hair removal no matter what machine is been used can be a bit uncomfortable, at Strathearn clinic Glasgow we offer the Cryo air cooler (optional) which has the ability to deliver virtually pain free hair removal treatment.

Strathearn Glasgow clinic offers A FREE NO OBLIGATION  laser hair removal consultation with fully qualified certificated laser therapist. Patients are given Strathearn clinic information also pre and post instructions for laser hair removal.

Before starting laser treatment all patients are required to have an initial patch test on the area before commencing first treatment in that area or if you have not had a treatment in the clinic in the last 3 months, after which you will be given a date to return to the clinic the following week.

Our Glasgow clinic is situated near Charing cross train station, opposite the Kings Theater, easy for buses and trains. Pay parking is available either on Bath Street Monday to Saturday (FREE on Sunday’s) or at Elmbank Street car park. Cheaper parking available near Mitchell Library (free on Saturday’s and Sundays’) which is a 5 minute walk to Strathearn Clinic.

Strathearn Glasgow clinic offers affordable single prices for twin laser hair removal no need to buy packages to get reduced prices. *(prices can go up or down)

Special Laser Offers. (see price list)

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