Client Complaint Procedure

When any of our patients make a complaint to try to arrange an appointment to see the patient, with either the doctor or therapist who they have been receiving treatment from.  If this is not suitable for the patient we can arrange them to see another member of staff/manager.  A complaint should be by telephone and then confirmed by letter or email within 48 hours.

If the patient is not satisfied with the outcome to the complaint will be investigated by head office who will be in contact with the patient to acknowledge we have received and are dealing with the complaint.

Patient will be kept in contact on the update of the complaint.

Strathearn Health & Beauty Ltd assures all its patients and staff that their personal/medical/treatment records are kept safe and secure.  The company is registered with ICO for data protection.

If clients are not satisfied with the result of our procedure then full details of how to raise a concern or complaint can be found on the following website:

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